David Marshall


Current Frontman for Angelshade. Vocals can be heard on Spy, Tell-a-vision, Catastrophe, Seven Sirens and Billy Liar. 

Dave was an original member of the band back in 2009. Dave had made a decision to leave Angelshade for a short while just to return in the last couple of years to take the position of frontman. This acquisition has brought back the original vocal sound that was Angelshade.

Brad Hanna


Brad Hanna, Guitarist for Angelshade, is the founder and currently manages the band. Brad provides leadership in performance, practice and songwriting. 

Orginally from the east coast, he moved to California in 1988 to eventually meet and collaborate with Dave, Steve, and Joe to form and mold Angelshade.

Joe Haynes


Joe Haynes, Rhythm guitarist for the band, Originally from California, Joe comes to us after relocating from Las Vegas Nevada. Joe performed with numerous bands in the Vegas area honing his skills. Joe"d solid rhythm playing and attention to detail has been and still remains a tremendous asset to the band. 

Tedd Staub


Tedd is a recent addition to the band as our Bassist. Tedd, formerly from the band Rammoth, joined us in early 2018 and has proven to be an reliable and consistent musician that is and will be an asset to Angelshade. 

Marc DeJesus


Drummer Marc DeJesus, Newest member to Angelshade and is a pleasure to work with. Proficient drummer with great vision. we are pleaseed to introduce Marc to our lineup.